All Day Food!

Starters & Sides

Double your fries, onion rings or tater tots for an additional $3.95


Loaded with beans, cheese, pico de gallo & jalapeños. Add guacamole for $2. Add pork for $4


Choice of Ranch, Bleu Cheese or Italian.


Comes with fries. Choose from BBQ, Ranch or Buffalo sauces.


Spanky Burgers!

All burgers are Maui Cattle Co. 6 oz. handmade patties and served with chips. Sumo-size any burger for an additional $2.95!

Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon and American cheese


Grilled onion, tomato, avocado and American cheese


Cabbage, onions, cheese & Spanky Sauce….Sumo-size it for $2.95!


BBQ sauce, American cheese, bacon and an onion ring


Topped with bacon, cheese and guacamole.


Spanky Food!

Grilled all beef dog, with choice of onions, relish, jalapeños, cheese and tomatoes. Comes with chips. And chili for $2.50 (When available).

Only $5.95!

Spanky's Fish Market

Choice of fish, chicken or shrimp on a bed of lettuce, tomato, avocado and black bean salsa. Choice of Italian avocado or Ranch dressing.


Marinated in garlic and sautéed. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.


Served naked or cajun

$13.95...1/2lb $19.95 1lb

Beer-battered & delicious! Served on flour tortillas with chipotle sauce, lettuce & tomato. Served with fresh tortilla chips.


Beer battered fresh catch served with Mr. Smiley Fries and tartar sauce.


Fresh catch grilled to perfection. Served with tortilla chips and salsa. Get them Cajun for an additional $1


All Day Breakfast

Two eggs, tater tots and choice of Ham, Spam or Bacon….plus a 12oz. Bloody Mary!


Breakfast sandwich with egg, jack & cheddar cheese and choice of bacon, ham or Spam.


Your choice of Spam, ham or bacon with tomato, onion and jalapeño wrapped in a tortilla.